Studying Common Core a learning experience
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Last Sunday, while reading James E. Talmage’s clarifying and illuminating book, “Jesus the Christ,” I began to reexamine my column for this week. I had already written what I felt was a good column but something was missing.

Something inside me told me I needed to choose a different subject. But what, I asked myself?

The answer came as I continued to read and ponder Christ’s message to the Samarian woman at Jacob’s well. I read how Christ, according to Jewish law, was forbidden to talk to a Samarian woman.

But he did, asked her for a drink while developing a dialog and taught his doctrine of “living water,” his doctrine regarding life eternal. While still pondering why a Jew would talk to her she had missed the point of his message. Then this column came to me — the ‘hidden message’ of Common Core.

This story caused me to ponder recent events here in Cherokee County. Over the past month the Tribune has published a number of stories regarding school financial issues, including the recent differences between the school super and Calvin Hill.

Other stories reported on the new federal school program about to be implemented throughout Georgia this summer, the program called Common Core. The Tribune also reported on the recent meeting in Canton where Common Core’s opponents exposed it for what they believe it to be; a grab by the federal government to take over total control of education, making local school boards passé.

This speaker grabbed my attention and I began looking into Common Core and found what the presenter said had merit, enough merit to require further study.

The Canton speaker encouraged those in attendance to study Common Core for themselves and not to just take her word for it. I did. I Googled “” and listened to 33 minutes of questions and answers.

After listening to this powerfully negative critique of Common Core I realized that unless the parents of today’s students, K-12, take the time to learn for themselves what this program is, a program built upon the failures of No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top, they will soon see a program fully implemented that will make the other two failed federal education programs look like a Sunday school picnic.

I then talked with state Sen. Barry Loudermilk who strongly opposed Common Core in the state Senate.

He told me Gov. Deal favors it and blocked efforts to study Common Core before fully implementing it. Last week, the Cobb School Board rejected implementing it for Cobb County Schools. The more parents learn about Common Core the more they object to it.

Common Core was presented as a panacea by establishing standards for education designed to make America’s students more competitive in a global market, but it is a program that has yet to be fully written, much like Obamacare, whose horror stories are now just beginning to surface.

Common Core, I now believe, is the progressives’ final push to implement Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” by taking total control of the nation’s education systems and indoctrinating its students according to progressive principles, much as Hitler did, believing, as do all progressives, that the masses, you and me, do not know what is best for their children.

One of Common Core’s most onerous programs is its 400-point tracking program of every child from kindergarten through employment.

Finally, there are few still living today that lived through the Hitler era leading up to World War II and the eventual destruction of more than 50 million people. But I lived through this era and remember well Hitler’s Youth Corps — German boys and girls taken from their parents and indoctrinated to the point they felt that Hitler was their savior, even to the point of turning their own parents in if they made derogatory remarks against Hitler.

And most of us who lived through this Hitler era remember how British Prime Minister Chamberlain gushed how great Hitler’s Youth Corps was, much like those who support Common Core today but who totally ignore the seeds of socialism embedded in it.

I then learned even those who initially supported it have turned against it, seeing the danger of giving total control of our children’s education to the federal government. Taxpayers are also learning that ignorance of government funded educational programs can be expensive.

Parents, please take 33 minutes and Google Common Core. Learn for yourselves the hidden agenda behind Common Core — then let your voice be heard!

Donald Conkey is a retired agricultural economist in Woodstock.
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Cher. parent/teacher
May 05, 2013
What a whack-job! This guy needs to have his column retired, stat! Concerned Citizen, you hit the nail on the head. Why didn't he check out the actual website for the standards, I've been teaching the math standards for my grade for the past year. They are an improvement over the GPS. They are more grade appropriate. And I've never been asked -- not once -- to enter any data about a child into any database. The test data that follows the child on their record has been recorded for as long as I've been alive.
Time to Retire
May 03, 2013
Information in this column is false (Cobb did NOT reject Common Core, they declined to buy textbooks-- which they can't afford anyway) and the writer admits he used only negative sources for his "research." Did he read the actual standards? No. The federal government didn't develop these standards, the states did. It's not new, it's been in the works for several years and has been on your school district website for two years. A columnist who will allow himself to be used by a small group of vocal zealots shouting half truths at the wind needs to put away his keyboard.
Concerned Citizen
May 02, 2013
I was very excited to see an article from a conservative that suggested an actual research of the common core state standards. However, I grew increasingly dismayed as a realized that your research was both shallow and one-sided. You spent 33 minutes watching a video opposing common core, but did not look past what the opponents were saying to examine both sides? That is not a "study" of anything...

I suggest reading the following article (written by s skeptical conservative) instead of this short-sighted and uneducated tripe...
May 02, 2013
More of Conkey's nutcase ramblings. Why are people in Cherokee so conspiracy-minded? Is there some sort of drug in the water or air?
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