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My Father’s Chest
by James E Kilgore
December 23, 2013 04:20 PM | 0 0 comments | 845 845 recommendations | email to a friend
Before my Dad died, we sat down and recorded a number of memories from his 86 years of living.
How can I stop “Helping” my Children?
by James E Kilgore
December 10, 2013 03:11 PM | 0 0 comments | 824 824 recommendations | email to a friend
The woman sitting across from me could have been asking for information, but I knew she was feeling very defensive and helpless at the same time. She had been describing her efforts to “help” her s...
Cadence – Beginning a Community, Developing traditions
by James E Kilgore
November 20, 2013 05:45 PM | 0 0 comments | 857 857 recommendations | email to a friend
A little over four years ago we moved from Lake Arrowhead into a fairly new community called Cadence.  All the dynamics in a new community were present.  Only a few homes were occupied and neighbor...
Being Happy in an Sad World
by James E Kilgore
October 31, 2013 10:30 AM | 0 0 comments | 971 971 recommendations | email to a friend
How can we be happy in an unhappy world?
Life-Changing Meetings
by James E Kilgore
October 22, 2013 03:22 PM | 0 0 comments | 788 788 recommendations | email to a friend
Other than family members I have had two life-changing meetings in my life.  One occurred in December 1951.  At 15 I didn’t really fully comprehend how transforming it was to meet Jesus Christ as m...
Who Do You Think You Are?
by Bob Rugg
February 19, 2014 12:30 PM | 1 1 comments | 657 657 recommendations | email to a friend
Even with my great love of history as well as having dabbled in my own ancestry, I regret not being more focused upon it.  I should have spent a lot more time with my parents and grandparents ferre...
Raising children not for sissies
by James E Kilgore
February 06, 2014 11:09 AM | 0 0 comments | 811 811 recommendations | email to a friend
At a gathering of professional writers the group was polled to see what they thought was the best short story ever written. Perhaps surprising, by a large margin, the story chosen was from the Bibl...
The Secret in Marriage Counseling
by James E Kilgore
February 03, 2014 04:50 PM | 0 0 comments | 769 769 recommendations | email to a friend
At a recent speaking engagement I was asked, how can you save so many marriages?
A Thank You Gift
by Bob Rugg
February 03, 2014 12:30 PM | 0 0 comments | 580 580 recommendations | email to a friend
I can't imagine that there aren't many of us who have taken something from a special closet, wrapped it up nicely, put a bow on it and presented it to someone as a gift.
Looking Ahead
by James E Kilgore
January 14, 2014 11:55 AM | 0 0 comments | 724 724 recommendations | email to a friend
Leadership often centers on focus. Leaders look ahead, keeping the vision and the direction of their lives, their organizations and their families clearly in view.
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