Don’t be misled by crises and cliches
by Donald Conkey
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The Tribune’s recent editorial titled “Gun Control” was timely and pointed out interesting statistics on how current gun sales have eclipsed all former gun sale records mainly because freedom loving Americans fear the Obama administration’s all out effort to control guns and limit the people’s right to own guns to defend themselves — by “executive order,” bypassing Congress.

This assault on America’s Second Amendment is taking place because the Obama administration is known for its willingness to take advantage of a major crisis. which today is the murder of 26 innocent people, many of them children, in Newtown, Conn.

But don’t be misled into thinking this attack is all about the control of assault guns — the assault rifle is only a diversion being used by the progressives to attain their long standing goal: dismantling America’s Constitution and destroying America’s Declaration of Independence.

The progressive’s weapons of choice: people’s emotions, crises and cliches. Obama’s use of children in his gun control presentation last week was enhanced by an adoring, but very bias, main street media which stirs up its audience emotionally, mainly those ignorant of the progressive’s agenda and how they, the people, are being used by both the administration and media.

A widely circulated e-mail written by an elderly Austrian woman who lived through the “fundamental transformation” of Austria, 1938 to 1943, from a free society to one totally controlled by Hitler tells how this process was accomplished.

Many found this letter difficult to believe because so few today know this history, or have lived through such a transformation. As a teenager I witnessed this transformation and saw how the Austrian’s acceptance of Hitler’s lies led to the loss of their freedoms and liberty, and eventually led to the total destruction of many European nations.

Many do not want to believe such a tragedy could happen here in America — but it can, and will, unless Americans wake up and more fully comprehend what is happening in America today.

Newtown is not the first crisis to be used by progressives to accomplish their secret agenda. Most informed Americans truly believe America was created with God’s divine assistance in winning the Revolutionary War and in the writing of America’s foundational documents.

But progressives, early on, realized that to accomplish their agenda God had to be removed from the public square, especially in the schools.

Using the Bible as a text book did not sit well with them — the Bible had to go — and accomplished this goal by challenging creationism and replacing it with evolution.

The initial step began in 1854 when Charles Darwin published his ‘Origin of Species.’

This book provided the alternative for creationism: evolution. Then they waited until 1925 to take their next step. John Thomas Scopes challenged in court the Tennessee law prohibiting the teaching of evolution in Tennessee schools.

Creationism lost, evolution won. The next step was taken in the 1950s by a progressive Supreme Court ruling against prayers in public schools. Today the word God can’t be mentioned in most public schools.

To survive America must reverse this trend and get God back into his rightful place in the public square.

It’s wishful thinking if Christians think this government won’t go after religion next. They already are.

But don’t forget Waco, Texas, under Janet Reno or the extermination order that was implemented in the 1830s against Mormons, or how the army was sent to confiscate their church in the 1850s. Today, many believe America’s unalienable rights are passe.

Public emotions and cliches were used to pass the 16th and 17th amendments that “fundamentally changed” America.

The progressive’s cliche, “Soak the Rich,” was used to divide America’s rich and poor, a cliche still used today to raise the debt limit.

The assassination of President Jack Kennedy was a crisis used by Lyndon Johnson to pass his Great Society, legislation that has led to the near destruction of the traditional family.

The 9/11 crisis led to the loss of even more freedoms.

Two scriptures describe well what is happening here in America today. Paul’s words to Timothy, Second Timothy 3, describe well America’s fears and internal turmoil today; even his use of the word ‘traitor’ is right on.

Peter’s words in First Peter 5:8, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour,” clarifies who the real adversary of freedom is, the devil, and how he “walketh about, seeking” to devour America today.

Progressives never waste a crisis.

Donald Conkey is a retired agricultural economist in Woodstock.
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