Marlow admired for actions, courage
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I really don’t get it. Last fall, Kelly Marlow was elected as a school board member and entrusted to provide responsible representation for her constituents.

When she saw that the most current audit report (year ending June 30, 2011) was approximately six months late getting to the school board for review and that the letter from the state to Dr. Petruzielo showed “findings and improper or questioned costs,” she assembled a team of volunteer CPAs to help her review the budget in her own effort to understand.

After all, she does have a responsibility to her constituents and she was acting in good faith.

Proverbs 15:22: “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

These are responsible actions that reflect wisdom and caring about the people that she represents.

This team created a series of questions that Kelly took back to the school board with a request for answers. Despite her numerous requests for dialog, a meeting and other ways to have these questions answered, she has been put on ignore, and the questions remain unanswered.

As a cry for help, Kelly did make her request for an investigation by SACS, stating that the school board was unable to govern itself.

Why isn’t there an outcry for answers regarding the improper or questioned costs? Why weren’t the questions answered? Kelly never alleged this, but is there something that is being hidden?

The vilification that has resulted of Ms. Marlow is sickening. I admire her for her courage and her public service. Something is terribly wrong with Cherokee County’s school board, and the citizens of Cherokee need an answer.

Susan Bryg


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Bye Kelly
July 09, 2013
Can anyone say, "Ilona Sanders relived?" Ms. Marlow, please focus on your personal problems and leave my child's future out of your pathetic, selfish behavior. If my over achieving, hard working High School Junior's future chances are damaged by your childish shenanigans I won't vote for you for best lemonade stand in Bridgemill!

Regain the community's respect by getting out before you cause any more damage than you already have.
July 08, 2013
that is so funny... Kelly its time to up your meds and put down the computer.. no one wants you here
July 07, 2013
Please back up further than last Fall, and investigate the motives of Ms. Marlow (and her backers)a little closer before making such a comment as this.
Shannon Freunscht
July 07, 2013
Courage? Is it courageous to lie to police to further your personal vendetta against the Superintendent? Maybe the more apt bible verse should be from Exodus, and the Ten Commandments.

Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

The audit has been address time and time again for Ms. Marlow. I am under the impression she isn't quite qualified for her role. She has to have a group of CPAs and 40 advisors? Courage might be admitting she is in over her head. Courage might be to resign and stop harming the kids in the CCSD.

Pa Dedeaux
July 07, 2013
Historically within the last 15 to 20 years the only way for a school district to lose its accreditation has been because of bickering between school board members. If SACS finds the school board to be bickering then CCSD loses accreditation and said members can ram the issue with charter schools down the throats of Cherokee County voters.

When a school district has the highest scores in the state, it is not broken. Why fix it. With that being said if CCSD's scores could replace the states scores then Georgia would be 7th in the nation.

In addition to this school law states that no business may be initiated by a school board member. All business must come from the recommendation of the Superintendent. The only issue a board may entertain on its own is the issue of hiring a new Superintendent.
Educate Yourself
July 07, 2013
1. She has a responsibility to the students of CCSD, not constituents. (The post is supposed to be nonpolitical).

2. Her questions have been addressed and answered (numerous times).

3. She continues to seek out corruption where there is none.

4. She is jeopardizing the academic careers of over 39,000 students because of a personal vendetta (this does not sound like courage to me).

July 07, 2013
We've heard many times that the questions have not been answered, but we know that this is untrue. The SCRAM! page has an open records request that shows all communication from Ms. Marlow related to the questions on the audit and the answers from the school district.

Since we are quoting bible verses might I end with one? "Thou shalt not lie".
Sue Ann
July 07, 2013
The audit and the comments have been addressed and explained. Numerous times to Ms. Marlow. If she fails to understand then that is her problem not the counties. Going to SACS is a last resort, when you are informed and have tried all avenues. She has not tried all avenues and obviously she wasn't informed. Her statement she only wanted the board put on probation shows her lack of understanding in what calling in SACS means as that is not even an option. Her comments that the previous time we were on probation was due to academics was wrong. If she is going to go this route you would think she would know all the details and what it entails.

As for her courage, I find her demeanor not courageous but divisive. Her allies on the school board wouldn't even back her choice to go to SACS.

I love bible quotes when they apply. I think the best one I can think of right now is:

Exodus 20:16

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Maybe Ms. Marlow should have spent more time reading up on what it entails to contact SACS, on how to read an audit properly, and working to be less divisive on the board, instead of coming up with lies to say she was almost run down by Dr. P.
Never Been Arrested
July 07, 2013
I am wondering if you have any spiritual advise for Ms. Marlow in light of her recent arrest? I was thinking, thou shall not lie?
Acme Fence Company
July 07, 2013
I really don't get it. Ms. Marlow's questions about the audit were asked and answered, via email, weeks ago. The "7 pages of questions" which she initially said were from friends and neighbors, and later said were from "5 CPAs," have never been presented to anyone, despite her town hall meeting promise to post it on her website (never happened). It's hard to answer questions you have not been asked. I really don't get it.
Kayce J
July 07, 2013
The only sentence in this piece that is accurate is the first one.
Cherokee Parent
July 07, 2013
Ms. Bryg, something is terribly wrong with KELLY MARLOW. Boy, do you have egg on your face supporting her now that's she's been arrested on felony charges!
Kathy T
July 07, 2013
Ms. Bryg are you serious??? Kelly's only objective when elected was to finish her childish vendetta against Dr. P for years ago delaying an out of state, for profit charter school from opening. This sad individual and her groupies despise Dr. P because he is able to lead CCSD to high academic success and they are jealous of all the accolades that CCSD receives. She has asked and has been given answers to all her questions but the urge to throw CCSD and the 39,000 students its serves under the bus is too strong for such a vengeful woman and her dirty politics groupies. Sadly we found out in Friday that this group will resort to just about anything to tear down the fine reputation of CCSD. She is an embarrassment to everyone in Cherokee County.
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