Letter to the editor: Key to turning county around to label Democrats immoral
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The Rev. Nelson Price recently wrote a commentary discussing the amoral counterculture that sprung up in this country during the 1960s.

Rev. Price correctly states that before the “hippies” arrived on the scene, the norm in this country was morality as it is still defined today —honesty, integrity, family ties, truth, public prayer, a strong work ethic and an understanding of right and wrong. That “hippy” counterculture of the 1960s has attacked every aspect of “normal” morality ever since.

In a political context, I recently wrote a commentary similar to Rev. Price’s, entitled “You cannot be a Democrat and a Christian without being a Hypocrite.” In it, I detailed how that counterculture of the 1960s has totally taken over the Democrat Party of today such that the Democrat Party is indeed the “Party of the Counterculture.”

In 1960, Democrats and Republicans stood on the same moral foundation. Not anymore.

Today, if one declares himself a “Democrat,” that person is aligning with the amoral counterculture of the 1960s — free love, free sex, no limits, no boundaries, work is a drag so do as you please. Anything goes and everything is OK. No responsibilities; no consequences. That is today’s Democrat Party.

Rev. Price submits that the counterculture of the Democrat Party has now become the culture of the country. He says that maybe we need a “counterculture revolution” similar to the one in the ’60s to return us to a “country with morality” like we were before the hippies arrived.

Though clearly the amorality of the Democrats has captured a lot of power and influence in our society, I am a little more optimistic than Rev. Price in that I believe morality is still the foundation of our nation and is more prevalent than it may seem.

You see, I believe that there are many, many moral Democrats that have high standards of ethics and integrity. (Very few, if any, Democrat leaders fall into this category, but many in the rank and file do.)

As the Democrat Party has slowly declined and morphed into the amoral “Party of the Counterculture,” these moral Democrats have held on to the belief that their Party still has the same moral foundation it had in 1960. It does not. In fact, it has no morals at all.

The key to turning this country around is to expose and label the Democrat Party as the amoral “Party of the Counterculture.”

This will perhaps dissuade the moral Democrats and Independents from supporting Democrat policies that are counter of their moral culture.

Just as you cannot be in the Ku Klux Klan without being a racist, you cannot be a Democrat and claim to have morals ... without being a hypocrite.

Steve Marcinko


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November 20, 2013
I don't get it. Marcinko is so frightened by the small minority of Democrats in Cherokee that he must demonize them? Well, that's not a surprise, for a coward.
November 18, 2013
Good grief! What is wrong with you, Mr. Marcinko? I now understand why the Tribune publishes Rev. Price's narrow and shamefully ignorant observations. He has an audience whose fears and utter cluelessness this paper seems content to cater to rather than to enlighten. Turns out, you and the Rev. Price share some very un-Christian traits by way of your worldview. I, sir, am a Democrat and a Christian who is deeply concerned about the state of the faith as it has been poorly represented by the likes of you and the Reverend. You should note that all this talk of Hippies is not only absurd, but overlooks the era of greed and unenlightened self-interest that was ushered in by the election of Reagan. I simply marvel at the imponderable amount of cognitive dissonance that must be required for such true Christians as you and Rev. Price to align yourselves so ferociously with the Temple money changers. The Rev. Price seems a lost cause, but you, Mr. Marcinko, might try reading the Bible for yourself. I hear there's salvation in the Good Book.
Charles Hendrix
November 18, 2013
Actually the key to this country getting back on it's feet as well as Cherokee County, all that is required is to ignore simple minded sock puppets like you. If anyone is a hypocrite by nature it would members of the Republican Party that go to Church on Sunday but as soon as they clear the doors back out, begin "bearing false witness".. ( a sin in all forms of Christianity, Obama is a Muslim, Obama is not a citizen, I wonder how many times you used these LIES to justify your ignorance),preaching hate (Jesus was about love not hate). Passing judgment.. is also a sin isn't ? "Judge ye not lest ye be judged" sound familiar? Yet here you are proving what a hypocrite you are judging Democrats as being amoral. How Christian of you. You know what your problem is boy? You just do not have enough functional brain cells to realize how you expose yourself to be that which you claim others are.
Patrick Thompson
November 17, 2013
Mr. Marcinko, this has to be one of the most hate-filled, venomous, immoral and hypocritical letters I've ever read. Morality doesn't belong to a political party and "true" Christians and other good people, regardless of any party affiliation, would recognize your hypocrisy and false prophecy for what it is, evil. Jesus found diamonds in the mud, avoiding drawing a Calvinist line in that mud where some people might be pre-ordained for heaven. Can we just honor the foundations of civilization, Christianity and other religions with an outlook of fairness, justice, compassion, tolerance and love? Jesus left personal judgment of other people, lifestyles and beliefs to a higher authority. Sadly, your message won't dissuade anyone from being part of a particular party, except the one you've created out of hatred. I still pray for you Steve.
November 17, 2013
County or country? Cherokee already is a complete hive-mind of Republicans, so not sure how you can turn the county around by labeling Democrats "immoral" (especially when it's nothing but Republicans that control local and state affairs).
E.von P.
November 17, 2013

We can't?


I am a Proud Democrat, Southern born, bred and raised! And I call "SHENANIGANS" on your claim that to be a Democrat is to be "amoral."

How dare you sir claim to that we who believe in social equality, and social justice are a "counterculture?!"

You will never convince me that being of service to my fellow man isn't "moral" and that the gov't should be in everyone's personal business.

Because people don't know what's "best" for themselves. Only the gov't and those who wish to control the masses know what Americans "need."

It's utterly ridiculous, as are the rest of your claims.

Thankfully you and your ilk are in a dying minority.
Georgia Voter
November 17, 2013
I can not believe the Tribune printed this letter. It is full of lies, and I believe the author is bat poo crazy. He needs psychiatric help--the sooner the better.
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