Letter to the Editor: Cosby not going to scram
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There is a group active in Cherokee County called SCRAM. It was formed for the specific purpose of going after Kelly Marlow who, at the time was a member of the School Board. They persisted in their efforts until her career was destroyed and her life ruined. In my view, they qualify as a hate group.

Having completed their destruction of Marlow, they now seem to be targeting Mrs. Carolyn Cosby. The latter seems to have offended them by collecting signatures to get on the ballot as an independent candidate for the County Board of Commissioners.

Mrs. Cosby was in front of the Canton Post office — where she has collected signatures on petitions before. This time, a coven of SCRAM! people began calling the Canton Police and the post office to claim she was harassing them.

Mrs. Cosby does not harass people when petitioning and she specifically forbids anyone working with her to do so. We politely ask for their signature. If they are willing to sign the petition, well and good. If not, we politely go on to the next person who might sign.

Arguing or anything like that is simply a waste of time that could be used to get more signatures. Harassing anyone would merely offend them and make it unlikely they would sign the next petition we might circulate.

If anyone is interested, Mrs. Cosby has withdrawn as chairman of the TEA Party in order to concentrate on running for office. In her absence, I am acting as chairman until someone better qualified and more willing can be found. In the meantime, I will respond to unfair and dishonest attacks on the TEA Party with factual information — which seems to be the thing most toxic to hate groups and most effective in countering dishonest tactics.

John Hiland


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June 11, 2014
The fact that Mr. Hiland doesn't understand the definition of hate crime isn't surprising. His group hasn't really understood anything they have talked about. But if he wants to talk about hate, no group has spewed more hate and venom than the Tea Party. That's because they know nothing else. As for harassing people, he might want to double check his information before talking. They have harassed using filthy language.
June 08, 2014
I like how Mr. Hil and ignores the fact that Ms. Marlow broke the law and is a convicted felon. And Mrs. Cosby was collecting signatures in a location where it is illegal to do so. Lets tell the whole story.
June 08, 2014
Let's get the facts straight Mr. Hiland.

Kelly Marlow broke the law.

Carolyn Cosby BROKE THE LAW.

USPS spokesperson Michael Miles said Cosby was asked to leave "because she was in violation of postal regulations," which makes it "illegal" to collect signatures for a petition on postal grounds.

The agency cites 39 CFR, Part 232.1, titled Conduct on Postal Property, which outlines what can and can't be done on post office grounds.

Section (h)(1) reads:

"Soliciting alms and contributions, campaigning for election to any public office, collecting private debts, soliciting and vending for commercial purposes (including, but not limited to, the vending of newspapers and other publications), displaying or distributing commercial advertising, collecting signatures on petitions, polls, or surveys (except as otherwise authorized by Postal Service regulations), are prohibited.

Cherokee Parent
June 08, 2014
John Hiland's distortion of the facts here is sad. Kelly Marlow ruined her own life and career when she chose to do unethical things and commit felonies. No individual or group made her do that. Carolyn Cosby broke the law by soliciting signatures on post office property -- period. Finally, just because a person who complains about her illegal activity happens to be a member of SCRAM doesn't mean that SCRAM has organized an effort against Mrs. Cosby. Finally, the definition of "hate group" is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other designated sector of society. That does not fit SCRAM.
June 08, 2014
According to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), hate groups' "primary purpose is to promote animosity, hostility, and malice against persons belonging to a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin which differs from that of the members of the organization." I am not a member of SCRAM; however, I am fully aware of their purpose and what they have done in the community. They do NOT qualify as a hate group. This is a very serious allegation, and, in my opinion, this letter should have never been published. If the author really feels SCRAM is a hate group, don't you think the police would be a better place to report this information? Instead he chooses the local newspaper; thus, further proving the invalidity of the allegation. Ridiculous.
Kelly Poole
June 08, 2014
Let's get the facts straight Mr. Hiland:

1. No one ruined Kelly Marlow's life, she did that on her own. Choosing to do unethical things brings you down the path of destruction.

2. SCRAM is not a hate group. It is a group of citizens that banded together when we saw actions being taken by a school board member that threatened our children and their future. Hopefully, you would be as passionate, if someone tried to do so to your family too.

I do have a question for you though. If Cosby has resigned from the Tea Party as the chairman, why are all her recent press releases on Tea Party letterhead? It seems to me that if someone has resigned from a position of authority, they should not have the right to use the stationary. Seems like an unauthorized use of the Tea Party resources to me.
Acme Fence
June 08, 2014
Some facts for Mr. Hiland: SCRAM formed in response to Marlow's letter full of false accusations to SACS, for which the School Board found her in violation of ethics codes and the State School Board upheld. SCRAM had not formed when Marlow made the poor decision to make false statements to police. She resigned her seat on the school board of her own free will. These were all her actions, not those of SCRAM. Carolyn Cosby (and others) violated the law by petitioning on post office grounds. Why should law breakers not be challenged? Why should felons not be held accountable? SCRAM seeks accountability, not "hate". Basically, you want to be able to practice your form of political activism, and yet deny others theirs. Sorry, this is America!
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