Alleged teen suicide pact investigated
by Kristal Dixon
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Charges may be filed in the death of a Teasley Middle School eighth-grader, who allegedly died in a suicide pact.

The Canton Police Department is investigating the death of 13-year-old Savannah Scarlett Cash, who died on Thursday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Candy Worth, the department's public information officer, said she could not comment on the case as the investigation is ongoing.

The initial incident report released by the department is three sentences long. It includes no information about who was at the scene or who supplied the weapon.

Information circulating in the community alleges Savannah and a schoolmate had planned to kill themselves together, but the other student did not go through with the pact. The other student allegedly supplied the gun that killed Savannah.

A letter was found at the scene, said Brian Cash, Savannah's father, but he declined to speak about it, the alleged suicide pact or whether charges should be filed.

His daughter's death was a shock, Cash said, describing her as a bright teenager and "a happy child."

He added he's fielded "hundreds" of calls from students about his daughter's death.

A memorial service was conducted Monday at Sugarplums restaurant in Canton to remember the teen. No formal funeral has been planned, Cash said. Savannah's remains were cremated.

Upon learning of Savannah's death, Cherokee County School District officials dispatched additional counselors to the Canton middle school when classes resumed on Monday after the weeklong winter break.

Mike McGowan, district director of public information, communications and partnerships, said about 15 students have met with the grief counselors.

Principal Debra Murdock said the entire school was "saddened" by the death of Savannah, who was known as Scarlett to her friends.

"Scarlett was a bright, fun-loving student with a ready smile and a quick wit," Mrs. Murdock wrote in a statement. "She was a friend to everyone. She will be missed terribly by her friends, teachers and administrators."

Cash said his daughter presented no warning signs of suicidal behavior before her death or had no history of mental illness.

"Savannah was an extremely bright, beautiful, happy child," he said, adding she participated in tumbling every Tuesday and planned to try out for Cherokee High School's cheerleading squad.

While suicide among older teenagers is more common, it does occur among children and younger teenagers.

In 2006, the latest figures available from to the National Institutes of Health, the suicide rate was 1.3 per 100,000 for children ages 10 to 14; 8.2 for ages 15 to 19; and 12.5 for ages 20 to 24.

Risk factors of suicide, according to the Centers for Disease Control, include a history of previous attempts, family history of suicides, history of depression or other mental illnesses, alcohol or drug abuse, stressful life event or loss, easy access to lethal methods, incarceration or exposure to suicidal behaviors of others.

Confirmed suicide rates among teens and younger children in Cherokee are very low.

The Cherokee Sheriff's Office has not received any reports of suicides among teens or children in the last two years, said Lt. Jay Baker, public information officer for the agency.

The only confirmed suicide by a young person reported to the department was that of an 18-year-old in 2008.

School district Police Chief Mark Kissel said his agency does not track suicides that take place off campus. He said none have taken place on campus in recent years, and he's unaware of any possible attempts.

Cash said he wants people to remember his daughter for her love of life and sense of humor.

He said he believes her impact on others will continue well beyond her death.

"She could light up the room with a smile," he said. "I want people to remember what Savannah for the joy she brought to everyone."
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jessica edmondson
October 26, 2011
babygirl i dont know why im doing this so late but i just want you to know i miss you and love you i miss meeting you in the mornings i miss hanging out with you i just want you to know i love you babygirl RIP SSCC
olivia hurst
March 30, 2011
hey,,well..idk why im writing so late..something always brings me to this page. everytime i get on google i think of her. i cant lie..i think about her at least one time everyday..if not more. scarlett was amazing. she could light up the room by just being in there. she had an amazing smile, and beautiful personality. when i wanted to cry..all she did was make me laugh. i miss her so much it literally hurts. its almost been a year and i still miss her. just as bad as the day it happend. i love you more than anything have no idea. i wish i could bring you back and show you that it wasnt worth it whatever it was..but i cant. and i know your in a better place.. i love you so much..and i miss you..
Marie Robinson
January 14, 2011
I cn't believe It's been a year. This doesn't seem real i dn't want it to be real.

R,I,P SSCC ur still dearly missed.
Brittany and Brandon
October 08, 2010
well Halloween is coming up its just a couple more weeks! anyways this is brittany and brandon we just wanted to wish Scarlett parents a happy early Halloween we know how it will be for yall this must be the first halloween without yalls beautiful daughter and we wish yall the best we have a beautiful daughter on the way and were naming her Amanda Brooklen Hill and we just want yall to know we always belived in scarlett she was a beautiful girl she ha the prittiest blond hair and the prittiest smile and she was always happy as the times we knew her but we wish yall the best and a Happy Early Halloween God Bless yall

R.I.P. Scarlett Cash Happy early Halloween your still in everyones prayers and thouight girl everyone still love you miss you God bless your Family
Brittany Pendley
September 29, 2010
people dont ever understand wh people do what they do and some people think why do we have to loose our love ones but there is a reason for everything if you really think about GOD needs our love ones more than we do for some reasons we dont know but we will see our love ones once again my Sep25-10 my papa has been dead for a year and i still think about him cry from this day on cause he was the one that raised me my whole life and been there and its just not the same without him but i realize im 15years old have a baby girl on the way Feb10-11 and i cant stay shy all the time i have a kid to raise sometimes we just have to let our love ones go and think about it now there in a safe place and a better place now they are free now yea people are going to miss there love ones and there best friend Scarlett and thats okk but dont grieve youself think about what they wpuld want you to do like having fun or think about your other love ones you got there keep your head in the game i got my head in the game im still going to Graduate and things like that anyways GODBELESS EVERYBODY
Brittany Pendley
September 27, 2010
i rember the first time i met scarlett was through bree in the bathroom and scarlet had the prettiest smile laugh and hair she was the sweetest girl u could ever meet scarlet all your friends still love you care adore and miss you and would give anything in the world if you didnt do what you did but your still in everyone thoughts and prayers you will soon see all your family and friends again R.I.P. Scarlett Cash
Former teenager
August 21, 2010
I didn't know Scarlett, but hope that all her friends know this -- even though you cannot believe it now, the way you feel in middle and high school WILL PASS. If you feel hopeless, alone, misunderstood, sad, lonely, angry, like you don't belong -- IT PASSES. Things GET BETTER.

I know -- I thought about suicide frequently through middle and high school.

But now I'm older, NOT wiser :-), and though my life's still got ups and downs, they're nothing like how lousy I felt back then. Now MY life to improve or screw up, and sometimes I screw it up, and sometimes I improve it -- but I'm just very glad that I stuck around to experience it.

Don't miss Scarlett so badly that you try to join her. If she could, she'd tell you not to.
bree lindsay
August 13, 2010
Me and scarlett and ravin were all BEST FRIENDS! i miss scalett sooo much, i still cant beleive shes gone, i dont want to belive it. we were so close ! i just dont understand why she would do it . i just want to say your very missed and i lovee you girl. And we will see each other one day again i promisee .

Mitchie Quintino
July 22, 2010
Something always brings me back to this page.

I miss Scarlett alot.

We were friends for 2 years, and she really had an impact in my life. I dont fully understand why she did what she did, and I never will. She had her whole life ahead of her. I wish she would've thought twice about her final desicion to end her life. I dont think she ever knew how many people truly loved her. She's always in my thoughts, and in my heart. 021810, RIP SCCC. <3 I love you.
July 16, 2010
ill miss scarlett she was a wonderful, beautiful,smart girl....i fell in love with scarlett two years ago when we dated ... i love you scarlett :(
marie robinson
May 31, 2010
R,I,P sscc u will never be forgotten ur in everyones hearts forever and always!!!!:(
Kala sidwell
May 31, 2010
We all miss you still!! It's hard for everybody!!! :(
chris Ramirez
May 29, 2010
i didnt really know her, but i saw her in the halls and everything, and she was the kind of girl that i REALLY wanted to be friends with.. ALL of MY friends were really good friends with her, and evenn though i didnt know her, i still crywed for her. and i miss her.. :( RIP sscc you will never be forgotten.
Brian Holmes
May 10, 2010
I miss Scarlett so much, i've known her since second grade and i always loved her. I only had a reunion with her and other teasely students last year because i moved, but she was a beautiful, amazinf, sweet girl. RIP Savannah Scarlett Cheyenne Cash <3
April 18, 2010
Scarlett i always have you in mi mind 24/7 ull alwaya be loved and miss by 100's or more but all you need to know it that i love you more then anything its been hard for me beacues i lost my grandma on 2-15-10 then i lost you it was relly hard for me to losr tow people that i relly loved very moch you both will be in my heart no matter waht i love u scarlett & grandma -Aleshia♥
April 16, 2010
I miss you Savannah. Or family is not whole without you.
April 02, 2010
I have new her sines last year i miss you girl



March 05, 2010
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of Savannah,

It's a tradegy how a 13 year old girl can commit suicide at her age, she had her whole life ahead of her,

I tried to commit suicide a while ago but then i thought of all the people i was leaving behind,

My mum took me doctors and i got told i had depression.

Such a shame to lose a loving girl at a young age.

Best wishes to her family.
March 04, 2010
One of my teachers ws a friend of the family. i was saddened to hear about what happened in sunday school. I am one who thought of suicide a couple years ago. I still struggle with it,but i don't want to hurt the ones i love and i see how others feel after a suicide has taken place. I didn't know Scarlett,but she sounds like a wounderful young lady. Her death has made me question my own suicidal experiences and what life means. It is hard to lose someone so young. My prayers are with you. Talk to someone if you need to. MAy you rest in peace Scarlett.
Family Friend
March 03, 2010
To the friends of Savannah: Please remember that nothing in your life is bad enough to do this to yourself. There is ALWAYS someone you can turn to for help.
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